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Q. What is the sitemap?

Ans. A site map is nothing but it is an overview of your website or blog content it means that it shows your website or blog content in one place in short.

Here te two type of site map -

1. This is for google it means this is using by google to crawl your website or blog.
When you submit your sitemap in the google webmaster tool ( google search console ) then you require the URL of this type of sitemap.
You can easily create it with this sitemap generator free online tool with one click.
2. This is for your user who comes to your website or blog.
this is a page and our recommendation is that because it shows the short summary of your website or blog content so you must be digging it very well. 
Don't worry will help you to create a beautiful and user-friendly sitemap because now you are a part of our RISING FAMILY and our RISING TEAM is fully dedicated to helping our RISING FAMILY members.
You can create a beautiful site map for your website or blog with help of a free online Sitemap generator tool in few steps.

Q. What is the requirement of the sitemap in your website or blog?

Ans. Actually, this is not a necessary page 📃 in your website or blog but yes if you want to develop your website as a user-friendly website or blog then it will help you.

As we discussed above it will be providing a short summary of your website/blog content to your user 👤 so user can be able to see your all content and may be chances that they read your more post. 
Its extra benefit is if the user reads your more post 📯 then your average user engages time will be increased and the bounce rate will decrease that is important to boost your rank in Google searches.


Read 📖 the full guide carefully before using this code because in this code one editing is pending for you.


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User guide and some FAQs related to sitemap generator online tool


Q. What is the sitemap generator online tool?

Ans. The site map generator tool is an online tool that provides you the facility to generate your site map in simple steps for your website/blog.

Q. Is the site map generator tool is free or paid?

Ans. No, this is a totally free online tool that gives you the best help in creating a beautiful site map 🗺.
this free online tool was created by your online friend 100 tools with help of times of rising.

Q. How can use the sitemap 🗺 generator tool?

Ans. Don't worry it is very simple, simply fill in some easy details like your website URL and choose some other optional points like - is you want to show the post thumbnail in sitemap? , can you want to show some description of your post just below at blog post title?.



Important Note 
After you pest the code in a new page(your sitemap page ) follow the following steps--

STEP 1. Find this URL ""

STEP 2. Replace it with your blog or website in the format ""

STEP 3. Save the changes

STEP 4. That's all your beautifully designed sitemap is ready, View your sitemap page

We hope this user 👤 guide for the free sitemap generator online tool is helpful for you And you will create a beautiful site map page 📃 for your website or blog.
Please share your experience with us in the comments section.
We love your comment so much and waiting always.

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